DOXY Die Cast 3R USB Rechargeable Massager - Blue Flame


DOXY Die Cast 3R USB Rechargeable Massager - Blue Flame


The Rechargeable is here!

Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable lets you do familiar things more quickly and conveniently, right where you are. Places that simply were not possible before. So using it, is a whole new experience. One that's more personal than ever.

The Doxy Diecast 3R Blue Flame Rechargeable Vibrating Wand Massager with Screw-On Head is smaller than the other wands in the Doxy line at 11 inches long and just a 1.75 inch wide head on it. Its petite size is almost false advertising because thing is super powerful with a different type of vibration that the other Doxy massagers. The #3's vibration are more of a treble compared to the really low, rumbly bass that the full size wands use, but we think you will still be reaching for this little dynamo before your regular go-to wand in the drawer.

Unlike many traditional wands on the market, the biggest feature of the Number Three is its Screw-On Removable Head. The silicone and metal head cap can be unscrewed to attach silicone body safe attachments made specifically for the #3. You clean the Number 3 just as you would your other silicone & metal toys, without any fear of harming the wand itself. The body is cast from an aluminum and titanium alloy and the head is molded from medical grade silicone. And as always it was proudly made in Cornwall, UK!

Like you've become accustomed to on the DOXY's there's a button to power it up on the front, then you have the buttons to increase and decrease intensity and of course they glow a brilliant blue that's not too bright. There is also a pulse setting if you would prefer oscillating vibrations rather than the regular constant. To activate the Pulse mode, just hold down the power button for a few seconds before releasing and bam! you have Pulse mode. You can then use the up and down control buttons to increase or decrease vibration intensity.

Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, the # 3 rechargeable is not only good for you, but also does the environment a favor. If your playmate needs more juice, you can simply recharge it with the included magnetic USB cable. For maximum deep relaxation, you can also enjoy the massagers magic in the bathtub because the toy is waterproof.

You can direct the cushioned head to tired muscles as part of a sensual massage or straight to your favorite erogenous spots for wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Channeling out vibrations through a soft and expansive silicone head, this external stimulator offers softly rumbling lower levels that reach up to ultra-powerful heights on your command.

Made from Aluminum, Titanium and medical-grade Silicone materials, it's body-safe so this Powerful massager is safe to use with water-based lubricants for a truly wild ride. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try toy cleaner for an even quicker clean up.

  • Color: Blue Metal flake, Silver, Black
  • Materials: Aluminum, Titanium, ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Length: 11 inch
  • Width: 1.75 inch (head)
  • Powered By: Rechargeable via USB
  • Waterproof
  • Variable speeds
  • Easy to use buttons that glow to help see in the dark
  • Changeable Attachments (sold separately)
  • 60 minutes full power
  • 90 minutes charge time
  • Variable pulse mode
  • Travel lock
  • Luxury aluminum storage tube

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Product Details

  • Made By: Doxy Wands
  • Box Dimensions:
  • Length: 13.50 in.
  • Width: 2.30 in.
  • Depth:2.00 in.
  • Manufacturer Code: DOXY3RC-BF

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DOXY Die Cast 3R USB Rechargeable Massager - Blue Flame $191.30
DOXY Die Cast 3R USB Rechargeable Massager - Blue Flame $191.30
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